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Our Team is comprised of experienced  Senior Electrical Engineers with experience in the industry as well as US Navy experience in operating, repairing & maintaining nuclear and Diesel Power Plant Electrical systems which provides a unique insight into the considerations & factors with ship deployments, casualties at sea, equipment maintenance, repair considerations & crew training.

Our Senior Electrical Engineers are responsible for all aspects of Shipboard Electrical Power and Automation Designs meeting requirements to ABS Steel Vessel & Naval Vessel Rules, USCG 46 CFR (under NVIC 10-82, 10-92, and ACP 2-95), Military equipment specifications, and Industry Specifications such as IEEE-45, UL, SOLAS, IMO, IEC, Fire Safety Code, and NEC.

Justalents' team has extensive experience with new construction and modifications to U.S. Navy vessel surface ships and submarines, Military Sealift Command Auxiliary vessels (JHSV, T-AKE, T-AKR, T-AOE, T-AGOS, T-AGM), Support Vessels for the Offshore Oil industry, Fixed Offshore Oil Platforms and Mobile Offshore Drilling Vessels.